Piezoresistive accelerometers

Since the earliest days of vehicle safety testing, Meggitt has worked with OEMs, test laboratories, ATD manufacturers and their associated design and test personnel to ensure accurate measurements of front, side and rear impact; crush zones; and in-vehicle occupant and pedestrian safety.

High-precision, DC responding Endevco piezoresistive accelerometers are widely specified within these applications, due to their high-output, low mass designs and compact size for mounting within difficult-to-reach areas.

Their high-impact shock and vibration, rotational acceleration, long duration transient motion, and low frequency measurement capabilities offer solutions for a diverse set of automobile testing requirements like:

  • Frontal, rear and side impact
  • Low-frequency crash event detection
  • Vehicle crush zones, crash sleds and rollover
  • Global regulatory compliance testing
  • Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATD)
  • Pedestrian safety

More information about the Endevco piezoresistive accelerometers on pages 10 to 13 in the Endevco T&M product catalog (pdf)

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