Digital oscilloscopes

The new XDS Series of oscilloscopes is the latest release from OWON. With 12‐bit resolution, the XDS series offers the best solution for those who need to measure small signals or be able to read details from a large signal. Highly suitable for medical, automotive, power supply, and more.

Here some nice technical features that are provided by the new OWON XDS oscilloscopes:

  • Large Touch Screen: 8 inch, 800×600 pixels resolution capacitance multi-point touch screen.
  • Signal Generator Module: 25MHz arbitrary waveform signal generator – in a single or dual channel option.
  • Multimeter Module: 4000 count multimeter capabilities to measure the voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance.
  • 12-bits vertical resolution: 12-bits ADC gives 16 times the vertical resolution than an 8-bit oscilloscope.
  • Communications Interfaces: USB, LAN, VGA, AV and Wi-Fi interfaces for communication.
  • Battery: 13200mA power, which lasts about 4 hours.It also prevents the channels from ground disturbance(s).
  • Low Base Noise: When it is at 1mV/div position, the base noise is only about 50μV.
  • Deep Record Length: extremely deep 40M record length.
  • High Waveform Refresh Rate: 75,000 wfms/s high waveform refresh rate.
  • Data Logger: XDS comes with 1ppm frequency stability to make it more accurate in data logging.

More information about OWON:s XDS series and other oscilloscopes, generators and DMM:s you can find here »

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