Aerospace test solutions

The complete range of vacuum test chambers developed by ACS can be divided into two categories: 

  • Altitude chambers reaching depression levels of 100 Pascal (1 mbar).
  • Space simulators (TVC - Thermal Vacuum Chambers) which, artificially reproducing the real working conditions of satellites and spacecraft equipment, need to reach pressure values down to 10-8 mbar.

Space simulators (TVC)  represent one of the highest achievements of ACS technology allowing it to become the most diversified and advanced European company in the field of environmental simulation.

Altitude chambers are produced both in the climatic and in the thermostatic version, whereas space simulators, allowing temperature control only, can be equipped with solar radiation systems. Test parameters are monitored through a dedicated PC and software packages especially developed for this type of applications.

Altitude chambers:

  • Thermoregulation system of the chamber's walls ensuring the uniformity of values below 200 mbar.
  • Fall time from ambient pressure down to 1 mbar: 30 minutes.
  • Pressure regulation by means of a digital vacuum-meter.
  • Temperature range: from -70° C to +180° C. 

Space simulators (TVC):

  • Cryogenic-pump and turbomolecular-pump system for the generation of depression values down to 10-8 mbar.
  • Pressure value stabilisation in the 10-3/10-7 mbar range.
  • Programmed pressure cycles.
  • Partial pressure control for 6 different types of gases.
  • Temperature range: from -180° C to +180° C obtained by means of advanced-technology thermo-regulation systems for aerospace applications.

More information about the ACS altitude chambers and space simulators you can find here (pdf) >

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