ARC test chambers

ARC test chambers

Thernal Hazard Technology ARC (Accelerating Rate Calorimeter) solutions allow measurement of heats of reaction, derivation of kinetic parameters and the assessment of maximum safe operating temperatures and environment. Calorimetry is a material independent technique permitting measurements on a range of scales. Consequently the application range for our instruments is diverse; from bulk chemicals to specialist pharmaceuticals and from advanced materials to explosives; from coin cell batteries to packs for EV and satellites.


THT has a range of adiabatic and isothermal safety and reaction calorimeters. Our instruments are currently utilised in more than 100 leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies, the majority of the world's lithium manufacturers, government laboratories and universities worldwide.

THT can also undertake commercial work from single sample tests to consultancy projects. All THT products are available for this activity. A full programme of innovation and development keeps THT products at the forefront of technology, so addressing the challenges of tomorrow's scientists.

For more information download the THT ARC test datasheet (pdf)

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