Calorimeter chambers

Calorimeter chambers

ACS developed a line of standard calorimeters capable of covering practically all test and qualification needs for domestic air conditioning systems, both split and monoblock, either functioning exclusively as air conditioners or also as heat pumps.

Two standard models are available (see specific technical features in the downloadable brochure), making it possible to work on conditioners of a maximum capacity of 12 kW and 20 kW, respectively. Tests can be conducted in accordance with EC standard ISO 5151-2010, keeping in mind that it is very similar to the equivalent standards used in other industrial areas.

The calorimeters come complete with a software package, the product of years of experience in the field, which simplifies the running of the tests and provides an immediate reading of the significant parameters. The software, in addition to processing the data to permit an immediate display of the testing progress, produces a report summarizing the results attained and stating the characteristics of the tested conditioner.

ACS has been operating in this sector for many years, producing numerous types of calorimeters for domestic air conditioning, from those developed in compliance with the requirements of international standards to highly-customized models, capable of assessing the performance and efficiency of the most varied air conditioning systems.

The calorimeters for measuring the efficiency of automobile air conditioners make up another, very particular, category. Automobile air conditioners, characterized by geometries which depend on the car on which they are installed, very often require a calorimeter that is specifically designed and therefore highly customized. In some cases automobile manufacturers also ask for the possibility to simulate the extreme transient operating conditions to which conditioners are subjected.

The vast experience and know-how we have acquired enable us to meet these complex needs and produce test benches which are in strict compliance with the existing standards and regulations, up to prototype equipment for cutting-edge experimentation.

You can download the brochure for the ACS calorimeter chambers here (pdf) >

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