Compact test chambers

The useful  life of your product and its components could be affected by solicitations received during the packaging phase, transportation and depot operations in general which could determine a failure caused by arising defects not visible or predictable in the production phase.

Moreover, the environment in which the products «operate» is affected by sudden temperature variations, which often generate quality problems.

ACS, thanks to its wide experience, has developed a huge range of products to test all type of specimen and to detect unpredictable future defects that may arise after years of operation.

ACS Compact chambers provide high performances in limited space. Small footprint, easy installation, low power consumption, low noise level and full basic features including the inspection windows, makes this chamber the ideal choice. A compact unit easy to be installed in any R&D Department capable of testing small components and products.

The product line has 4 different models, depending on the volume chosen, starting with 16 l model up to 200 l model, to fit each customer needs.

More information about the Compact series temperature and climatic chambers here >> Compact test chambers

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