Fast ESS test chambers

We operate, today, in a market in which products seem apparently the same and the competition to gain customers’ loyalty is played on the quality and reliability fields. The stress screening tests help manufacturers increase the reliability of their products.

ESS tests consist in exposing specimens to thermic and climatic stresses to force latent defects arise and intervene in the production phase accordingly to increase quality. The stress screening tests ensure that the problems, which normally arise during the useful life of the product, are discovered during the testing phase before the production starts.

Fast ESS test chambers

Environmental Stress Screening or ESS has been developed to help manufacturers detecting product defects and production flaws. Screening can force infancy board and component failures that would otherwise occur after final assembly and product delivery, and potentially during the warranty period.

Four sizes of the standard Speedy test chambers are available, from 250 litre to 1400 litre with temperature change rates of 10°C/min and 15°C/min. If you need even faster change rates or different sizes please contact us for customized ESS test chambers.

Goals with ESS:

  • To remove all type of defects
  • Not doing damage to otherwise good material
  • Corrective actions on design and production
  • Increase reliability

ESS Improves:

  • Product quality
  • Product reliability
  • Production throughput
  • Profit margins
  • Customer satisfaction

ESS Reduces:

  • Fields defect
  • Warranty costs
  • Time to market
  • Early failure in field
  • Manufacturing costs

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