Ozone Climate Simulato

Ozone climate simulators

Anzeros is a market leading  manufacturer of a wide range of ozone climate simulators and chambers mainly used in test applications where the user needs to determine a rubber or elastomer's resistance to ozone degradation.

The elastomer samples are placed in a special chamber that exposes them to ozone at concentration and duration specified by a testing specification or standard. A sample that does not stand up to the effects of ozone exposure will crack at the surface and sometimes break in two.

Ozone testing is particularly effective for rubber and is a routine test for suppliers to the automotive and transportation industries. Polymers, silicones, and other elastomers can also be effectively tested in an ozone chamber.

Ozone testing provides manufacturers with a prediction of how their elastomer product will perform over time. It is also frequently used to ensure quality of materials and components purchased from new or suspect sources.

Automotive, aerospace, and military/defense industries are heavily interested in meeting performance standards for rubber vehicle hoses, tires, grommets, wheels, and other components. Some relevant standards covered by Anseros ozone climate simulation chambers include:

  • AATCC109
  • ISO 105-G03
  • ISO- 1431-1
  • VDE 0472
  • IEC 60811-2-1
  • IEC 60092-351
  • EN 50396
  • ASTM D1149
  • SAE J1401

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