Solar climatic chambers

The exposure to sunlight can damage your product, decrease its performance and shorten its life; so it is crucial to understand in advance which would be the reaction to solar, humidity and temperature variation.

If your product during its life will be exposed to this phenomenon, ACS solar radiation test chambers are the right solution: they have been designed to understand the specimen reactions in its normal context of use.

Performance, insulation, noise, resistance to physical and mechanical loss are some of the investigated parameters.The ACS Solar Radiation chambers is a wide product range, available in basic version, energy saving and 5 K/min with different volumes, to fit the customer's needs.

The lamp structure is made of anodized aluminium, while the assembly components are made of stainless steel. The percentage of the lamp intensity can be adjusted using the touchscreen control panel, it takes approximately 3 minutes to reach the requested output.

We provide a plug for the chamber interior; it can be easily removed and/or installed to use the chamber in standard configuration, without the solar lamp.

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