Vacuum test chambers

Vacuum test chambers

ACS can offer vacuum chambers in standard 150, 500, and 1000 liter capacities. A special wall thermoregulation system (optional) guarantees the best functioning below 300 mbar, thermoregulating the test environment by radiation. This new range of altitude chambers is also available in both thermostatic (temperature and pressure control) and climatic (temperature, pressure, and humidity control) versions.

ACS vacuum test chamber technical features and advantages:

  • Excellent solidity of the test chamber
  • Top of the class performance, in terms of both the breadth of the regulation field and the speed of the temperature and pressure variation
  • Optimized system for the thermoregulation of the walls of the test chamber in both the heating and cooling phase, even for pressures close to the minimum value (optional)
  • Touchscreen control with KeyKratos Plus, developed entirely by ACS
  • Industrialization of the control, cooling, humidification, and pumping devices, in order to guarantee maximum quality and reliability as well as ease of access to the various maintenance points

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