Dynamic & fatigue test systems

Universal resonance pulsators are manufactured as 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 50 kN, 100 kN, 150 kN, 250 kN, 400 kN, 600 kN and 1.000 kN and with the accordant devices they are even suitable for the discharge of bending and torsion loads, beside the axial load of components.

Dynamic &B fatigue testing

These machines are quoted with two different drive systems.

  • Component test machine with electromotive POWER SWING MOT drive
    Advantage: Large displacements up to 12 mm; suitable for components with big strokes, damping and components with clearance.
  • Material test machine with electromagnetic POWER SWING MAG drive
    Advantage: Test frequencies up to 300 Hz

Using resonance test technology and the high test frequencies involved, it is possible to reduce the test periods up to a factor of 10 and test costs up to a factor of 200.

A resonance test machine amortizes completely within the first two years because of the extremely low energy costs, compared to servohydraulic systems.

Because of the innovative and universal software, not only single step tests but also tensile tests, characteristic curves, block programs, RANTEC-tests (service load tests) and fracture mechanical tests can be accomplished.

Due to the universality of these test systems, nearly all strength relevant components and units can be tested.

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