Quasar 1200 kN

UTM up to 1200 kN

The 1200 kN Quasar is the product of state of the art design, built to the highest quality levels and has many advanced technical features.

Programming tests and monitoring results can be controlled through our powerful and Intelligent Graphwork test software, which allows complete and accurate data management in accordance with European, North American and International Standards.

Quasar 1200 kN

This instrument is suitable for use both in production lines where the operator has to be fast and efficient and can accurately control the test with the optional remote control unit and also laboratory environments where the advanced software lets users analyse the test data. Graphwork allows full control of processing, filing, managing, and transmitting data to the company network, database, and performs many other functions.

This Quasar frame has a flexible and modular construction. It can be equipped with various grips and fixtures, as well as extensometers, additional load cells, temperature chambers and many more accessories, for a wide range of applications (tensile, compression, flexure, etc.).

In addition, this user-friendly instrument can be fitted with additional load cells with lower capacities, providing the highest resolution and accuracy for microloads

  • Two-column rigid system with 1200 kN maximum capacity
  • Suitable for metals, composites and other materials
  • Stylish design and advanced features
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Flexible and modular design for easy future expansion
  • Key technical advantages include extremely high resolution af load and stroke readings, as well as minimum test speed of 0,0005mm/min, for the high performance and most accurate results
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001 –certified company

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