Clamping technology

CFM Schiller develops, manufactures, and mounts clamping plates made of cast iron, steel, stainless steel, or in a hybrid design from steel or stainless steel and polymer concrete. According to the customer-specific application and the technical requirements, our engineers select the right product for your needs.

Clamping plates from CFM Schiller allow adaption, positioning, and clamping of all components required in the test setup. Plates are made from the basic materials gray cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. They come in a solid version or in a hollow version with rib structure. Both versions are anchored and grouted on foundations in a dynamically fatigue rated way. Solid clamping plates can also be mounted directly on spring elements. The hybrid design, which basically is a hollow body entirely filled with polymer concrete, is also supported directly on spring elements.

The upper side of the clamping plate is generally machined with T-slots according to DIN 650. These can run in longitudinal, transversal, or both directions at customer’s option. Alternatively, the upper side can be manufactured with a hole pattern or a customized combination of holes and T-slots.

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