Combined FAEBI® Rubber Air Springs

Rubber air spring insulators

Rubber Air Springs for a highly-effective vibration and shock isolation of machines and motors. The element is comprised of a bell-shaped rubber form made from high-grade elastomer. The design allows a highly-effective isolation of shocks and vibration without excessive horizontal deflection. Collapse of the element as a result of overload or sudden pressure reduction is impossible. The element is available with additional damping if a reduction in vertical amplitude is required. The baseplate is equipped with an anti-slip plate so there is no need to anchor the machine to the floor.

Please note: For installation outdoors (e.g. air conditioning) FAEBI® is also available in stainless steel and EPDM elastomer.

BILZ Leveling Systems Level control is an important component in the optimal operation of an air spring system. If a change in load likely occurs on equipment mounted with an air spring system, such that compression of one of the springs or an inclination of the equipment will result, a leveling system might be the only solution available.

Shock and Vibration Isolation Depending on static load, the natural frequency of the elements is between 3 and 6 Hz in the vertical. The ratio of vertical to horizontal natural frequency is 1/1.2. The maximal spring travel in case of impulse load is approximately 15 mm.

Range of Applications Extraordinarily suitable for active isolation of high-speed printing presses, forging hammers and other machines and motors generating a large amount of dynamic vibration. Passive isolation of measurement and testing equipment as well as ultra-precise machine tools. If desired, also available with electronic or mechanical level control!

Installation Instructions The elements are attached to the machine's mount holes using bolts. It is not necessary to bolt the elements to the floor. The machine is positioned on elements which are empty of air, these are then pumped up to the desired working height over a standard valve. The air pressure may not under any circumstances rise to above 5 or 6 bar. A maximum of 10 mm of travel is available for height adjustment.

Monitoring Air Pressure FAEBI® elements can be equipped with air pressure monitors if desired. If the air pressure should drop below the nominal value, the air pressure monitor will display the fact accordingly.

FAEBI® with Level Control (LCV)

One simple, but effective solution is the mechanical pneumatic proportional valve. A small plunger is used to continually check the level. The position of the plunger is transmitted to the push valve. In accordance with the position, the air spring will be pumped up with or relieved of pressure. The level can be maintained constantly to within ± 1/10 mm. Principally three control valves are used. A pressure control valve to limit system pressure to a maximum of 6 bar, water trap to remove vapor and an air filter to remove dust and any foreign bodies from the air supply.


FAEBI®-HD with adjustable damping

Rubber air-spring insulator FAEBI®-HD is made of a combination between high-grade elastomer and metal with an amplified sidewall. In order to obtain as high a damping effect as possible, the air space is split into two chambers (load / damping volume) linked by an air pipe. By the adjustable valve the damping can be changed easily from outside. Due to the friction caused by the air-stream passing through the bypass valve, it is possible to adapt the damping to each application. Because of the very high damping, the resonance amplitude is much more smaller and you can realize less machine movement. Furthermore the increased transformable energy takes effect on the production quality of your machinery.

Please note: In contrast to viscose dampers, the air damping is absolutely wear-resistant and free of maintenance. Furthermore, it is possible to change the damping from outside.

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